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Italian Market Quality Provolone Cheese

Be a part of the family, visit Bari Orchard today!

Christine and Mike Digirolamo have created something special in the heart of York City. While quality mortadella and Italian long hots are a necessity for an Italian market they aren't the only thing you need. Bari Orchard checks all the boxes: quality Italian products, top tier customer service, AND after a few visits you will likely be a part of their family. 


High Quality
Gourmet Products

From Borgatti raviolis to Juniors Cheesecakes to THE most lush buratta, Bari Orchard is bringing you the best of the best. Products that you previously could only find in NYC or Philadelphia are now here in York. Stop in on a Market day to see all that we have to offer. 

Let Us Know
 You Need

When we say top tier customer service we mean it. Bari Orchard does it's best to get you the Italian products that you want. Let us know if you're looking for something special and we will do our best to get that for you! 

Party Planning?

Special events require specialty foods and we have plenty! We prefer to celebrate holidays with black truffle cheese & an entire Juniors cheesecake. Did you know that we cater? It's not a party without a charcuterie board and we can put together a beautiful board with the best products for your next event. Learn More!

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